Day to Day Adventures

Tea, Shopping & Vacation

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What I learned this week. . .


1. The weather in MO can and does change rapidly in the spring.  Tuesday it was 45 when I went to town-I FROZE in my short sleeved shirt. P1110531_edited-1


After lunch and a clothing change I ROASTED in my black long sleeved t-shirt.  By 5 p.m I was  FREEZING AGAIN and needed my jacket to go out to the store.  CRAZY!

2. When a whole pitcher of tea is dumped on the floor before breakfast I will be mopping the floor before 9 am.  Well the floor is clean now!

3. It is not all together impossible for ANOTHER whole pitcher of tea to dump on the kitchen floor in the same week.  Sigh.

4.  I can get caught up.  Well in one thing at at time anyway.  I have been working on getting things graded and recorded.  It is tough going when you are behind but I just keep plugging away.  Maybe by the time we start next years work I will have it all done.


5. There isn’t much that makes me happier than when my oldest calls & says.  Can I come home for lunch? 


6. Shopping with a girl who likes to shop is WAY different than shopping with a girl who HATES shopping.  I know it sounds strange but one of my girls is NOT a shopper & the other really likes it.  Guess I know who to take with me next time.

7. I miss working on my crafts.  It has been a LONG month of working madly on school & Bible Quizzing material.  We have needed it but I am just about ready for a vacation from those things.  Today was our last day of school for a week & I am ready for the break.