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High Impact Ideas . . . Lazy Logic

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A friend & I were having a discussion about lazy logic today.  How do you get others to do for you so you can be lazy? 

Laziness is not a good thing.  I(like many humans) don’t like to work.  I would rather sit and read a book or take an nap.  But God made us for work.  There are so many things he has planned for us to do in our lifetimes.  I do know that God doesn’t say we have to do it ALL for our families, husbands, parents, or friends.  He has a unique plan laid out for us.  Part of my plan is that I must teach my children.

Teach----not  do for them.

I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  I’ve been known to redo something that isn’t done my way.  I am ashamed when this happens because I had this done to me as a child.  I can’t tell you how worthless it made me feel to have “my” hard work redone.  If I redo a chore or project that a child has done , then I try to talk to them first and have them redo it or we redo it together.  


So here is my Lazy Logic.  It sounds bad . . . but wait it really isn’t.


My hubby looked at me one day and said “You need to work yourself out of a job.”  What he meant was “teach” them to work and manage it in such a way that you don’t have to do everything!  At first I was offended, but he was right God had given me “helpers” I just needed to train them.

So by delegating being lazy I found I had more hours in the day.  WE started young and it made a huge difference.  They know work is expected and that there isn’t a free ride here.  It might seem harsh but when there is work to be done I can honestly say that they know how to do it!

They each have had a turn cleaning out the cat litter pans(yuck!).  They each have had to take the dog out for exercise in the rain or cold.  They all know how to clean a toilet(even the 8 year old).

Children are capable of so much IF we just trust them to learn how.  If we just take the time to teach them instead of “just doing it ourselves.”  We rob them of an opportunity when we do this.

I have the perfect example.  I was struggling to get the papers graded for all 4 kids.  I really needed just 30 minutes of undisturbed time.  So again my wise hubby suggested “Let the kids fix lunch.” I nodded acceptingly looked at him like he was nuts and made that happen. 


We don’t do sandwiches everyday.  I usually make something simple(is there any other way to do lunch?) or we warm up leftovers.  Well each child chose something easy each week to fix.  I think letting them choose made all the difference but that is another post.  My youngest daughter made the same thing for a month(1X each week) as she was learning a new skill, while the other 2 made things that they had be already taught.  This WORKED!  I had my 30 minutes & they contributed to the running of the house!

So today I advocating being a little bit lazy.  Teach your child to work.  Expect him/her to do something.  Don’t redo it for them.  Oh and don’t forget to PRAISE them and BRAG on them(in their presence) to friends, grandparents, or complete strangers.  There is not better way to build their self esteem & confidence.


Do you have any High Impact or Lazy Logic Ideas today? 

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