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10 Spring Things I am Looking Forward to

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10 Spring Things I'm looking forward to -

I know that there are more than 10 but these are the things that keep me looking forward to the spring weather and being outside more! 

10 Spring Things I'm looking forward to -

10.  Walks at the park

Winter weather is starting to be old.  I would like to to be able to chuck school for the afternoon & just go play.  Spring is coming!

9. Not being careful with how I walk

Surgery left me being very cautious with where I walk & how long I can go.  Not a lot of pain but not a lot of stamina either.  I am ready to be steady on my feet.

8.  Feeling strong

Six weeks have passed.  I am cleared to start strengthening my muscles and working back up to “normal.”  Whatever that is.

7.  Hiking

Okay so that means across Wal-mart at this point.  But I am SO happy/glad/ecstatic to be able to do that!

6.  Playing chase with my kids

I hate being the slow one of the group.  That is gonna change!

5.  Bike rides

See #6

10 Spring Things I'm looking forward to -

4.  Flowers

Not too long until we can move the mulch back so that they baby plants can start peaking up.

3.  Planting my garden

I was afraid I might not be able to have one this year.  I am so grateful that it is doable.  Now what should we plant . . .

2.  Wearing sandals

I miss my sandals.  Come on warm weather you can do it!

10 Spring Things I'm looking forward to -


I am already noticing that it is staying late longer.  There have been a lot of distractions in January & February this year so I haven’t gotten too sun deprived but I am ready to spend some time outside in the sun. 

It just makes me smile to think about it!


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