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Hold to the truth


“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” - John 8:31-32

A few days ago my niece posted

Truth is . . . .

I don’t know her motivation or why she put it there.  She had 7 people who “liked” her status but no one replied.  That bugged me.

Why not?  That is why we are here.  To point the way to Truth. 

But do we?

I started to think about the ways that I point to the truth.  I had to break down the verse that came to mind from John(above).

Hold to my teaching

I read my Bible daily.  I listen to various scriptures daily as my girls memorize for Bible Quizzing.  I love to listen to Christian radio & the messages there.  Right now I am in a lull & have been for a while.  There are seasons in our lives where God works on changing us & then it seems there is a reprieve for a bit.  I am in the reprieve & I am anticipating the work/change that is coming.  I hope that my actions & lifestyle speaks of my “holding” to Jesus’s teaching.

Really my disciples

Disciple means to be a student of someone.  To sit under their teaching.  I want to live my life that way.  One thing we’ve been doing as a family(provides an example to the kids & gives opportunity for discussion) is to read through Proverbs.  We read aloud & discuss the topic presented.  It has been great to read together & really see how we can apply God’s instructions to us in our lives.  It is a simple thing but it required  a sacrifice of time.  I strive to listen/watch for ways that God’s word applies to where I am at.  He is faithful to give answers where I have questions.

Know the TRUTH

It is so easy to be lost. So many ways to just wander around doing what pleases us & not think about what is true & enduring.  I want to KNOW what truth is & be able to share that with my family & friends.  I remember times when I was young & not sure of the truth.  It was a time full of hurt, anxiety & despair.  I don’t want anyone to have to live in that frightening place.

Treasure maps send us looking for hidden treasure.  We have to search & I think that if we look to God’s word we will find jewels & riches created for us.  It can provided the guidance we need to find the treasure(which is not financial alone) which has been waiting to be found.  There are dangers but there is no bigger adventure to set out on.  And the reward is great, more than we can imagine or foresee.

Truth will set you FREE

Are you free? 

Why not? 

What keeps you trapped and held bondage?  Wouldn’t you like to be set free?   It is amazing how knowing the truth about something will bring a freedom you never knew.   If you want to be free why not pick up a Bible or go to  See what else it says about freedom.  There is a lot there—more than you can imagine.