Day to Day Adventures

Things I love: Music that touches hearts

All 4 of our kids have or are learning to play the piano. 
It is part of their daily school work.  
It’s a gift we want to give them.  So that they can bless others with their ability.
Now in the beginning it is hard to listen to the notes that aren’t so melodic.  However in a relatively short amount of time there is beautiful music coming to my ears.

At one time I was learning to play the guitar and I passed a song on to Michael.  It is now one of our favorites.  When he plays it—no matter where I am in the house I just have to stop and listen(and sometime cry).  Not because he butchers it but because the notes, words & every part just touch me.

Music can be that way.

Here is that song.  Unfortunately I don’t have a video of Michael playing it.