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Delurking Day!

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Hey all you lurkers out there!

That means YOU!  I love to hear what people think of my blog but I know most days you are busy busy busy!  Today is delurking day so I am calling all of you to comment so I know you are out there. 

I am going to make it FUN for you. 

I am stuck at home recuperating so I have some time on my hands.  Reading books, working on crafts & watching movies are going to be my sanity savers for the next few weeks.

So . . . .

tell me your favorite book or movie.  The one you read/watch over and over again!  Remember this is a family friendly blog so make sure your comments are okay for little people to read.  Thanks!

Join in the fun & tell me some thing fun about you and if you like/dislike Day to Day Adventures!

I will start  . . . .

I love anything written by Lori Wick but my favorite book by her is Pretense.  I have probably read it 10 times or more.  Anyone like her too?