Day to Day Adventures

Playing games & being Lazy!


It’s over.  Surgery is done.  Tuesday was a haze.  Drugs work well on me & I don’t really have a memory of real pain.  I know there was some because Steve told me I was NOT a happy camper coming out of La La Land.

But we made it home and I haven’t budged since then.

The most amazing thing(why I am amazed I don’t know) is that I don’t have much pain.  Sure my arms hurt from the crutches & my good leg is sore from being the weight bearing leg.  I’ve had so many people praying for me and my recovery that I know God is answering our prayers!

But considering the doctor tacked down a piece of torn cartilage & shaved off some bone that was causing the tear I should have some pain.  But I just don’t.  As my “nurses”—Steve & Michael have helped me they were really scared of hurting my leg.  It just hasn’t been a problem.


I wasn’t sure about laying down flat so I slept in the recliner for the first two nights.  But last night I got to hop down the hallway to my bedroom and lay down on my bed.  It was heavenly and I didn’t move all night.  Best night of sleep I’ve had in a while.

Joshua has been keeping me company this morning & we’ve been playing Blink.  I love lazy days of playing games.  I love not being in constant nagging pain.  I love my family & the great way they are taking care of me. 


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