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Cuddled up

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My normal posts are about homeschooling, DIY projects, my kids & daily life.  I am feeling like I am more focused on me here lately but I guess  that is normal when you have surgery.  For now recover IS daily life.

I am amazed at how much effort it takes to heal.  My heart goes out to people who have major surgery.  Mine was just out patient and it has seriously knocked me flat for the last five days. 


This morning(and last night) I was a bit down that I couldn’t go to church.  I knew it would be too much.  Hoping around on crutches from the bathroom to the living room is sometimes too much.  The pain in my shoulders, back & hip just drains what little energy I have out & back to the recliner I go.  So this morning we got the 3 oldest kids out the door but Steve, Joshua & I stayed home.  Joshua & Steve have a cold and I think Steve didn’t want to leave me here alone. 

I appreciated that. 

It also let me tackle the whole taking a shower situation.  That was interesting let me tell you.  Thank you Cindy for finding me a shower bench!!!!

I am getting good at balancing on one leg in pretty much any situation.  Tires out my muscles pretty quickly though.  I have a couple of stools around(bathroom & kitchen) to perch on so I don’t have to stand while I brush my teeth or help in the kitchen. 


I got to make oatmeal this morning.  Seems pretty silly to be happy about that but I was thrilled to get to help with something. 

However after all that activity I am cuddled back in my recliner for the afternoon with a couple of blankets & my computer.  The fun machine that pumps ice water in to a pad that rests across my hip makes me cold so between the blanket & the heat from my computer I am not too cold. 

If you know me I don’t like to be cold. 

I think I need to find my slippers though.  And maybe take a nap.