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Money saving Monday! Homemade Cocoa mix

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My youngest LOVES hot cocoa.  We all like it and drink it in the winter a bunch but Joshua could live on it.  When he was 2 or 3(sippy cup stage) he would get a cup while I was fixing breakfast and then beg for more at breakfast.

Luckily my mother in law shared her recipe for homemade cocoa mix.  Elizabeth made the first batch up a couple of weeks ago.  She did a masterful job & when it gets cold out this week we will be ready!


We like this recipe so much more and it is great for a big family like ours.  I haven’t done a cost bread down but it is way cheaper than the mixes you can buy in the packets.  So get your kids in the kitchen and make up some cocoa mix!

Grandma’s Hot Cocoa Mix

10 cups dry powdered milk—we use 1-8 qt box from Aldi’s

4 1/2 cups creamer—we use a 16 oz jar from Aldi’s

1 lb Quik chocolate milk mix

1 lb powdered sugar

Mix well & place in dry sealed containers.  Head a mug of water & mix in 2-3 heaping spoonfuls of the mix.  Add marshmallows & enjoy!

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