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Tangling with a Cow (or A Lucky Old Man)

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This morning started with smell of turkey.  I popped our turkey in the crock pot last night.  It was done this morning & ready for our dinner after church.
Got everyone to church even though my love wasn’t feeling the best.
Went to leave & had lost my keys—frustrating! But it worked out that I got 15 minutes alone with my oldest as he ran me home.  Sweet time to just talk.
Then things went south.
My Grandpa showed up with my aunts on their way to the hospital.  They were at my house to pick up my mom who would be skipping our turkey dinner to spend time waiting on a CAT scan and x-rays.  My grandpa is still a cattle farmer—he’s in his 80s and probably will never stop. 
He is 5 foot tall and 100 lbs soaking wet.  So yesterday when he and cow had a discussion in the barn she won. 
He had a black eye & lots of bruises.  Thankfully after he was checked out they said be more careful & you will be REALLY sore for a few days.  I am so thankful that he wasn’t hurt in any way. 

April 12-1 Love you Grandpa.

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