Day to Day Adventures


Doing something different—hopefully to share more about our family & then I can let relatives who are out of town check out this blog & actually have something interesting to read.

On Tuesday’s I am going to focus on on of my kids to tell about what they are doing & how they are growing. Since I have four kids & usually there are 4 Tuesdays(sometimes more!) then that works well.

Things never start when they should so I will start today on the second Tuesday of the 2010 with #2 child.

Oh to be 13 again—NOT. This girl has grown and changed more in the last year than in all of the years before combined. She actually isn’t a child any more— she’s definitely showing signs of becoming a young lady. Well when she doesn’t look like this. Or this!
Elizabeth loves to read. She will often read a book faster than I think anyone should be able to do. That is a great thing and a frustrating thing. She loves the library & thinks a trip there twice a week would be grand! Some of her favorite books are the Dragonquest series, Redwall series, Little Women, Lord of the Rings, Alexander Lloyd’s books, & many, many, many others.

An accomplishment for her lately is memorizing 2nd Corinthians for Bible Quizzing. Last April, she made it to the National Competition in St. Louis & she really enjoyed her first time at Nationals. Lots of new friends & going to bed REALLY late! So her goal right now is to qualify for Nationals April 2010. There are fewer kids going since it is farther away--Pitsburgh, PA--so the competition is tough. So far she has 16 chapters tucked away in her head.

Some things Liz doesn't like. Well she doesn't like being called Liz, although lots of people do it. Me included--in fact she claims I started it. Oh well--hard habit to break. She doesn't like bread, math or cleaning out litter pans. On the other hand I don't blame her on a couple of those items.

Steve & Elizabeth share a love for music(not that I don't love it but they REALLY love it). We often hear Reliant K, Britt Nicole, Toby Mac, Skillet, Downhere & Jars of Clay playing. She plays the piano well & helps her dad with leading music at church once a month. Last month(Dec) she played her first church service totally on her own. Often she and big brother both play but she mastered several Christmas songs & was able to play the whole service. Yeah! Elizabeth is also learning to play the guitar.

I just know that God has great plans for her & it has been such a joy to watch her grow and come along side her to cheer her on as she become a wonderful you lady.