Day to Day Adventures

Consistent exercise

Somehow homeschooling 4 kids, shopping for food, cleaning house, running errands & various other activities keep me from being consistent on my exercise. I know I need to do it--I even WANT to do it. But it is HARD to be consistent about it.

Looking back over 2009 showed me that I have made some improvements in my health & met some goals.

Bought a treadmill--no excuses anymore & don't want to waste the $ we spent
--I do walk more than I did a year ago just not 3X a week yet

Eating more balanced meals--I plan out a month at a time and for each week I make sure we eat a balance of chicken, beef, pork, fish & vegie meals. We also have a "bean" meal & a "salad" meal 1X a week too. There are fewer casseroles in our life and more lean meat.

Tracking my meals--on a site called and that has been a huge blessing so I know when I am going over my calories or eating too much fat. I also have a group of friends there that interact & encourage each other. I think that has been spuring me on more than anything lately.

So THIS past week I didn't make the consistent goal but I did make the 3 workouts. Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Actually Thursday might count too because I walked a lot on a college tour but had no way to keep track of my distance/heartrate or anything.

I am also trying to watch the salt intake & drink a TON of water. I didn't drink much on Thursday and I could really tell on Friday morning. I drank a couple of glasses over the morning & that made a big difference.

So goals this week? Walk on Mon, Wed, Fri or any other day that it is possible. It would be great to fit in some pilates on one day to help tone up these poor old muscles. We shall see . . . .