Day to Day Adventures

Menu Monday

Menus for the Week

Trying to slim down as I am sure everyone in the country is doing. It is crazy when it is cold and all we want to do is hibernate & be warm then we try to loose weight. Well I am tracking my calories and watching my serving sizes. Goal this week is to walk on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. I will post later how it goes. :)


B'fast burritos, Yogurt, Eggs & muffins, Oatmeal, Bacon & pancakes, Cereal


Broc Cheese Soup, Chimi's, Italian Hotdish, Mexican Bean Salad, Quesidillas


Crock pot smokies, Stir fry(steak), Tropical Fish, Potato Soup, & Vegie Pasta Salad

As always this is subject to change as our schedule allows. One thing that has helped with our time in the mornings is to have a child in charge of lunch. E does Monday & Tuesday, MN gets Wednesday & MA does Thurday & Friday. That means no lunch duty until Saturday for Mom! Yeah!!!!

Unfortunately there is always something else to do . . . .