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4 reasons to be MORE self-sufficient

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Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person?  Do you like to see the steps in the whole process, know the ingredients, and tweak the end product to make it your own when you create a recipe, craft or cleaning item?  It really is amazing how many things we can do ourselves!  Being self-sufficient can save money, give you a feeling of satisfaction and make your families happier and healthier.

Welcome 2018 and a season of Encouraging Hearts & Home

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One of my goals for Day to Day Adventures has always been to be an encouragement to my readers in all areas of their lives but my topics usually focus on being the best mom and wife with a generous sprinkling of gardening, crafts and healthy food ideas! 

Good bye to 2017 and the hard season

2017 was hard around here(anyone else?). My husband quit his job and we were scrambling for about 6 months trying to live on nothing much. That meant I wasn't able to write as frequently which made me sad but in looking back I know it was the right thing to do. Thankfully that season of life is over and my husband (happily) has a new job!!

A Tiny Christmas Memory Tree

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Christmas decorating stresses me out. There I said it.  NOT my favorite activity at all and the experience just never goes as I anticipate it will. Especially now as my kids are leaving the nest, just picking a day to do our decorations is chaotic.  Seriously we are having discussions, talking dates and even times to get as many kids home for that time. 

Being the mom of teens and twenties is not easy. FUN, wild, crazy YES but not easy!

Five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

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We all need experts. When our dog is sick we need a veterinarian. When the roof is leaking we need a carpenter. When you want your hair permed you want someone who knows what they are doing. Finding the right expert is SO important. We don’t want to be steered wrong. So how to do we find an awesome expert to guide us and help us fix our problems?

When I say go look it up to my kids now it doesn’t mean the go to the encyclopedia or even a library anymore. It means YouTube and Pinterest! Trust me, we use those resources pretty much weekly(if not daily) around here. We’ve learned that we have to be choosy because not everyone knows what they are talking about on the ‘net!