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Five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

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Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

We all need experts. When our dog is sick we need a veterinarian. When the roof is leaking we need a carpenter. When you want your hair permed you want someone who knows what they are doing. Finding the right expert is SO important. We don’t want to be steered wrong. So how to do we find an awesome expert to guide us and help us fix our problems?

When I say go look it up to my kids now it doesn’t mean the go to the encyclopedia or even a library anymore. It means YouTube and Pinterest! Trust me, we use those resources pretty much weekly(if not daily) around here. We’ve learned that we have to be choosy because not everyone knows what they are talking about on the ‘net!

Random things I’ve learned on the internet

I’ve taught myself to knit and do harder crochet stitches from YouTube videos. BEST thing ever because I am horrible at reading patterns. Hubby fixed our washing machine after looking up how to do it and how NOT to do it. We constantly look up Algebra and grammar facts and tips for our homeschool. I bet you have some funny story on how you used the internet to fix a problem! Make sure you share it in the comments below!!!

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Some of my favorite experts

As a blogger, I have made some AWESOME friends who are seriously knowledgeable about areas that I’m ignorant in. They kindly answer my questions and help me to grow. I want to share them with you so that you can benefit from their “expertise.” Winter is a great time to spend “learning” a new skill or talent!! I use last winter to learn to knit and it was all done from information on line.

Skillful schooling at home

Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Meet my friend, Linda from over at Apron Strings and Things, who writes about all things homeschooling and homemaking.  She is a real life friend I miss her since she moved FAR from mid Missouri.  She has 30 years of experience from homeschooling her 8 kids and always has a wise word of encouragement for me. 

Grab a coffee and your favorite chair when follow her homeschooling encouragement Pinterest board.  I promise that you will find a sweet friend who is there to reassure and guide you. 

Maple sweetness master

Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Don’t you love sweets? We do and that often gets us in trouble with the amount of sugar that we consume. No family should have ice cream every night. But I'm TRYING to teach my kids to look for the natural type of sweet to satisfy those cravings.

When I heard about how my friend, Michelle, from Souly Rested, is harvesting maple and making her own syrup I was captivated. She claims she’s not an expert but I think you will believe otherwise after you check out her Sweet Maple board!  And if you’ve always wanted to try making your own syrup? Well, she’s got you covered there too!   

Sewing Skills Tutor

Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Handmade, hand sewn, and hand created. These are words I would use to describe the skills of my friend, Danielle from Spring Lake Homestead. She is a genius at teaching the basics of learning to sew. I love how her tutorials take you from the simple to more complex skills of using a sewing machine to create beautiful handmade crafts. 

You will want to take a look at her gift list for sewists if you have someone who loves to sew on your Christmas list because it just might make your shopping a little easier! Or maybe you enjoy sewing yourself, then be sure to follow her sewing Pinterest board. There are SO MANY ideas there that you will want to try!!

Homesteader Extraordinaire

Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Kathi’s advice and encouragement for the homesteader at Oak Hill Homestead have taught me new ways of doing things on our little slice of land!  She teaches things that are so basic that I hate to ask others how to do them!  Which is why the internet is so wonderful because we can learn and can look an expert! 

If you have a gardener or homesteader on your Christmas list, then make sure you check out her Homesteader’s Gift Guide for 2017!  It has some wonderful ideas!

Creative crafter

Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest

Wearing the title of expert is NOT something I’m comfortable with in most of the time!  But I do know how to make an Amish rag rug from scraps of fabric and I would LOVE to see you learn how to make your own! 

You can start with following this Rag Rug board that has a TON of inspiring photos and ideas for making rag rugs.  Careful because you might be there for a while. Seriously.

Or if you KNOW that you want to start your own rug then I would recommend going straight to the Rag Rug resource page to get started! 

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Need some expertise?  Check out these five AWESOME experts on Pinterest