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Why Save Your Photos Month is important!

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Do you love your photos?  Do you take care of them?  Backing up, oranizing and protecting pictures is why Save Your Photos Month is important! -

One of my biggest hobbies is being the memory keeper for our family.  I love taking pictures and recording in our family scrapbooks the story of what happened at that event.  By saving pictures and telling stories, we can preserve the history of our families for future generations! 

It takes time and creative brain power to make even simple layouts for family scrapbooks so I am further behind than I would like to be but it is a joy to work on getting the pictures in albums.

Saving Pictures is a HUGE job!

This job of being a memory keeper is OVERWHELMING.  When I look at how many photos I have on my computer my head starts to spin around. 


Seriously there are THOUSANDS from the 25 years I have been married!!!  Pre2005 the photos were all shot on film not digital but since then the digital photos have multiplied exponentially!

We need to keep ahead of digital photo chaos

It is easy to just let the photos accumulate on memory cards or on your cell phone but SOMEDAY you are going to want to find a photo and it will be a huge headache because there is not any organization for your photos.  

So in October last year I issued a Photo Challenge and I want to reissue it to everyone this month because September is International Save Your Photos Month!

Back up and organize your physical photos

Maybe you need to focus on physical pictures that have already been developed.  That is where I am right now.  I have TONS of photos in boxes in my basement that I need to sort and scan into digital form.  I also have the huge project of scanning all of the scrapbook pages that I’ve created in the past so if anything were to ever happen to them they are safe in digital form.  

Photo Challenge Posts for Physical Photos

Save and organize your digital photos

Or perhaps your problem is the amount of digital photos living on various memory cards, hard drives or electronic devices are totally out of control and not backed up in anyway.  I’m so thankful when I started taking digital photos my inner organization nerd was excited to set up a system by year and month to keep track of my digital photos. 

It has made life SO much easier.  However I NEED to get my photos backed up in triplicate so I know there is no way I will loose them to disaster.  


Plan to Join me on the Photo Challenge!  Take charge of your photo chaos.  Make a plan, make time and SAVE your photos from disorganization and disaster.

I'd love to hear about your progress or answer any questions! 

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