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Why I don't make breakfast anymore

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I used to be such a good mom.  

Why I Don't Make Breakfast Anymore -

The menu planner I use each week had breakfast, lunch & supper all laid out.  I would be up at a decent hour and breakfast would be on the table ready for kids to eat and get our homeschool day started.  It was part of our morning routine.

My how things have changed. 

And I’m ok with it.

Back in the summer when everyone was getting up at various times I declared “I’m NOT making breakfast ANYMORE!”

It has been so freeing and I have not looked back.  As I am reevaluating our daily routine since the first of the year, I am convinced that this is one change that will continue.


WHAT do we eat for breakfast then?

Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have breakfast foods available.  

In fact I’ve been having fun making a printable for the refrigerator so the kids know what’s ready to make and it helps our family know what needs to be made ahead and frozen! 

If you would like a copy just click on the graphic!

My kids are all 12 and older now and are quite capable of making their own breakfast everyday.

In fact they prefer it that way.

But I will say that having a list hanging on the refrigerator does reduce the inevitable "Mom, I don't know what I want for breakfast" conversations we have each morning. 



There are a few rules that we've established for the good of the family at large that everyone has to follow but all in all everyone is pretty happy with this way of doing things.  

Rules for Breakfast

1.  You may have cereal only on Saturdays
2.  You must clean up your mess.  Especially if it includes gluten(CELIAC in the house!)
3.  If you are making something and others are around—Be polite and helpful & ask them if they would like some too (especially Mom).

Now I do pre-make batches of breakfast foods to stash in the freezer.  We use them a lot on Sunday mornings when we are up a little earlier to get to church and the kids will reheat breakfast burritos, waffles, French toast, & muffins during the week as well.  But this really isn’t too much extra work & I like having time saving meals in the freezer

Why I Don't Make Breakfast Anymore -
Why I Don't Make Breakfast Anymore -

Not fixing everyone's breakfast frees me to sleep in a little or get up early and do a project without having to stop and make breakfast.  The kids know to start on their school work after breakfast so it also allows me to be more of a hands off mom and give them the responsibility of getting their day started.  

Good lesson for teens to master before heading off to college or the world of work.  

What is your breakfast routine?  Does everyone do their own or do you fix it for all? 

Don't forget to get your free What's for Breakfast printable