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Why every woman needs a tribe of AWESOME women

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Life is messy.  We fall apart and need help.

Life is amazing.  We want to share our joy and celebrate our surviving our adventures.

Do you have a strong group of friends who have your back?  You should!  Here's why! -

This post is NOT about neglecting your husband or ignoring that friendship.  But there is just something about having a circle of women friends that you know will have your back in all situations.

Why you need a tribe of women?

1.  Support

We all know the saying “no man is an island”  It is cliche but there is a reason that it gets repeated. 

We all NEED relationships. 

Women NEED the support of other women. 

I remember as a young mom I felt SO isolated and lonely.  I’d had good relationships in high school but when I got married young and had a son those relationships changed. 

So I started praying for new friends.  God did a great job of bringing the right women into my life.  So if you are needing more friends—start praying!

2.  Resources

I like to think that I’m pretty smart.  I come up with solutions and creative ways to parent.  But sometimes the opportunity to talk with another woman or mom makes me astounded at how smart they are.  

  • My friend Kellie helped me figure out how to conquer mount washmore many years ago.  
  • My friend Lisa has helped me MANY days to find my motivation by telling me to set a timer for 15 minutes and get to work so after I can have a “reward”(chocolate generally.  
  • My friend Sharina shared with me how to banish sour smell from the washer.  
  • My friend Cindy is my go-to person for gardening advice).  
  • My friend Gwen always gives me creative parenting advice (that I never think of) and she always points me to the promise of heaven when I feel like my world is coming to an end.

3.  Celebrate

We can celebrate with our family but there is just something different about telling a close friend about a victory or a sweet moment that only a woman would “get.” 

True friends are happy with you and for you when you share life with them.

4.  Witness

This is a BIG thing.  I really didn’t know what to call it.  Walking through life with other women creates memories and shared history. 

Friends witness your life.  Friends celebrate with you.  Friends mourn beside you.  Sometimes friends encourage or speak truth in love when you need to hear it.  Other days spent together are “normal” but it is all time spent witnessing the legacy we leave behind.

5.  Understanding

Guys are awesome.  But sometimes they just don’t get it because they are not women. 

I’m learning that I can exchange looks or smiles across a room with my daughters or daughter-in-law over things that we “get” that our guys just don’t even catch.  Love them all but there is an awesome connection between the women in my life that exists no where else because we understand each other.  

Do you have a strong group of friends who have your back?  You should!  Here's why! -

I’m so blessed to have an AWESOME tribe of women in my life. 

I was able to go recharge this past weekend with two of my best friends and I was trying to understand WHY this time was so special. 

These were just a few of the lovely reasons that I cherish the friendships of women in my life!


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