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The 100 Day Project for Creatives

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Do you have a TON of creativity but not a lot of time to spend on actually BEING creative? Creative projects are a bit of an addiction for me and I want to spend time on all of the ones I've started but there always SO many other pressing things to do on my list. That’s why I was so excited to run across The 100 Day Project last week. I jumped in with both feet this week and I want to share my progress and invite you to join me!

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What is the 100 Day Project?

The 100 Day Project for Creatives

Artistic, crafty projects already cost SO much in materials and time!  It is awesome that #the100dayproject is totally FREE!  It was started by Elle Luna at @elleluna and Lindsay Jean Thomson @lindsayjeanthomson five years ago.

Are you ready to dedicate some time to a passion that you have in a creative area?

Then this is for you!

Steps to get started

  1. Choose an action
  2. Do the action for the next 100 days
  3. Post photos on Instagram with the #the100dayproject hashtag and add your own unique project hashtag (so that all of your posts will sit nicely together). Include both hashtags on every post! Mine is #daytoday100

Instagram a great place to connect with others on social media.  The @daytodayadventures Instagram feed is totally “real life”. Make sure you follow it to see my adventures as a mom and all the behind the scene stuff!

My action for 2018

I decided to focus on my many “unfinished” creative projects. Crochet, rag rug making, scrap booking, sewing and more. This week's progress has been mainly crocheting because I have a sweater I want to finish before it warms up. I am SUPER close to being done and I hope to wear it this weekend! Next up? Rag Rugs! I have two started.

Week 1 Progress on #the100dayproject


I invite you to join me on this project. Making progress is such an encouraging thing and I’d love to cheer you on as you dedicate time to your creative project. Each week over the next 100 days I will be updating my progress on Friday or Saturday with a blog post.

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I’d love to know if you are participating in this project and what you are going to focus on!  Leave a comment here or hop over to Instagram and comment there!

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