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Smoother Driveway a.k.a NO more moat

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I mentioned in my weekly wrap up a couple of weeks ago that we were having our driveway worked on. 


It's been a moat.

Actually this isn't even a good picture of normal.

Seriously the water would be all the way under the suburban and I would be tip toeing to try to keep my shoes and jeans dry.

It NEVER worked.

Imagine it frozen. 

Think ice rink.

Moat for a driveway

I've been so frustrated by this whole situation but God worked it out for it to be done this spring by the right people. 

Seriously it was such a God thing.  We didn't know that a friend owned a landscape business.  We found out in a weird way by trying to buy something off of Craig's list.  LOVE Craig's list by the way.  So we got the work done.

Here is what we had last week when it rained. 


HUGE difference!!!!  On the other hand we are living in fence world.  It is a good fix as it keeps our two dogs out of the mud.  There is still more to do to smooth the dirt and get grass planted but until the ground stops making squishing noises this is good.