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Renewing goals plus a menu for eating lighter meals

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Renewing Goals -

After our crazy weekend of painting the house over Labor Day, I realized that my eating habits were slipping.  I follow the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle and it has REALLY helped me kick the sugar habit and loose some pounds. 

Not good.

So I sat down to identify what was defeating me.  It was pretty simple.  I've developed some lazy unhealthy habits.

Unhealthy habits

  • I'm eating the same snacks over and over
  • I have no plan--meals are on the fly
  • Too many "heavy" calorie foods
  • Off plan food consumption has increased

I need to renew my goals for getting more veggies in and not focusing on the treats every time I looked in the refrigerator.  I need a new beginning.  Do YOU?

How I'm renewing my goals

1.  Focusing on eating more light meals is HUGE for me.  I can't eat lots of high calorie food or they slow down in my already slow shedding of pounds.  This week I'm limiting cheese or nuts because those items are heavier in calories.  To make my meals lighter I plan to add in more vegetables and healthy carbs. 

2. Changing snacks

Confession time. 

This. is. hard. 


Homemade peanut butter cups are my go to snack. I even make my own homemade sugar free peanut butter

But I can tell--I'm having them too often.  So in the name of shaking things up I am trying some different snacks. 

There are so many other snacks available! 

3. Get moving!

This is the hardest part of my renewed goals. 

My hip has been giving me trouble.  I had surgery almost 5 years ago but the pain has returned. 

I'm a little worried about injuring it more by exercising.  I get to see a physical therapist about strengthening exercises this week so I will be implementing this after that appointment. 

Stay tuned for more specific goals in this area.

4.  Make menu plan to help stay on track

I sat down yesterday and made our menu for the week.  It seems like every blog I go to talks about the amazing benefits of menu planning. 

It is true though.  If I have a plan then I am MUCH more likely to eat healthy and avoid drive through than if I do not. 

Everyone has a different method.  I like to do 2 weeks at a time but there are many other methods.  Click on the following link to get help with menu planning and a free 2 week menu plan printable.


I have two "lighter" menu's set up for the next two weeks.  Below is menu #2 and menu #1 was in a previous post.  If you are stalled or just need a new selection of meals, then I encourage you to give these meals a try. 


I'm sick of eggs right now so here are some other options.  I like to get my E meals in first things.

Baked Oatmeal (e)
Overnight Oats (e)
Pancakes p. 223 (e)
Sausage patty w/ a muffin in a mug waffle p. 256 (s)
Warm Chia Porridge (s)


3 Bean Soup--seriously the EASIEST meal!!! (e)
Baked Chicken Thighs with steamed & buttered broccoli & cauliflower (s)
Baked Salmon & salad/EVO (s)
Lentil Soup p. 311 with a fresh veggie plate (e)
Lettuce & Deli Meat Rollups with veggies and cottage cheese (fp)
Thin Mint Chocolate Milk Shake (s)


Black Bean Mexican Stew (e)
Swiss Steak (s)
Succulent Citrus Fish Bake (s, e, fp) p. 286
Chicken & Quinoa (e)
Black Bean & Tomato Salad (e)
Oven Fajitas (s or e)

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