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Love notes made EASY for Valentine's Day

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What are you doing this month to celebrate Valentine's Day?  These FREE printable love notes are easy to put in lunch boxes or even tape to bedroom doors!  LOVE notes made easy! -

Love is in the air they say. 

Yeah right.  Around here it it is sniffles, grouchiness and tiredness from being too busy. 

We are still trying to find normal after the holidays and recovery from my hip surgery.  If we could all get well that would help.  Plus since we took such a long holiday now we are under the gun to get a bunch of school accomplished.

Add that to being in hibernation mode because of cold weather and you have a mama bear and cubs who are just a little tired of being together. 

We are making a point to get OUT even if it is just a trip to the grocery store at least every other day.  It is time to make our own fun!

February Valentine Fun

I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year.  Not because I love V-day or anything but because it is something to look forward to and do a little celebrating my family.  We don’t usually do much for V-day but this year I saw an idea that would allow me to speak words of love and encouragement to my kids each day over February.

With this LOVE note printable all you need is a little ink, some tape and a pencil to make this month special.  It’s a little crafty but nothing over the top.  This page that has some cute hearts to can cut out.  Some are blank but others say "You are . . . ." so you can fill in the blank.

Love Note Printable

You could cut a heart out each day but this is more efficient.  Using a photo cutter to do a rectangle makes it go really fast!.  If that's all I do I'm good with that.  But I can also work on cutting around the hearts as I watch TV or listen to a podcast. 

Print these on some pink or red paper and you have instant decorations & encouraging words for the people in your life.

Easy peasy.  Want your own copy!  Click on the picture above for your FREE Love Note printable.

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