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How YOU can get chicken breast savings

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Want to make your grocery budget in the new year REALLY happy?  Our favorite fresh, natural chicken supplier, Zaycon, is having ANOTHER chicken sale – it is above and beyond the already amazing regular prices.

Right now I’m having my own little happy dance because the chicken my family knows and loves is an even better price.

The chicken we buy from Zaycon is already below grocery store prices which means I can afford to buy a better product for my family. But right now that there is another awesome discount for first time buyers!!

Here are all the details!

Zaycon Fresh has their 40 lb box of boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.48/lb! This is the lowest they go. Use code TBT1130 at checkout. This code is ONLY good for today, 11/30/17. Remember that they have drop sites all over the country.


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We have been customers for over 5 years and we purchase almost all of our chicken from Zaycon Fresh. I use this chicken when I make many no stress chicken freezer meals every few months.

By joining Zaycon Fresh Foods you are able to access fresh chicken that costs you less than your local grocery store. Buying meat in bulk allows you to avoid constantly needing to replenish your supply of meat to feed your family.

How does this nationwide meat co-op work?

  1. You order in bulk – This is so awesome for preparing freezer meals and pre-packaging meat to fit the size of your family! Is the bulk amount too much? Consider splitting it with another family.
  2. You pick it up at the specified local location, not at a store, warehouse, etc. – A refrigerated delivery truck comes to your local area and parks in parking lot. When you arrive you will give your name and then they load up your meat. Seriously you don’t even need to get out!  
  3. Each meat is only available a few times per year
  4. You order now for a pickup in the future – usually 2-4 months ahead of time. Yes, you will be ordering now for a future pickup (in this case, ordering in November for February pickup).

If it’s not sold in the grocery stores, how do I get it?

  • Sign up for an account and order online
  • Then on the pick up date you go to a local pick-up site as they are delivered to the area fresh in a cold truck. The pick-up spot is usually just within a few minutes of your home and they are in a parking lot of a private business/organization (like a church parking lot) and the pick-up time for your area will be on a certain date and a small window of time (usually 30 minutes) on that day.

***The codes below are expired*** 

I've left the information up because it gives some great details about why Zaycon Fresh chicken is so awesome!  Go check them out!  They will email you when there are new coupon codes and sales!

How YOU can get chicken for $1.40 per lb!!!! -
To get the best price use the coupon code TBT1130 which applies to Zaycon Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts! Don't delay! These deals are only available through November 30 at 11:59pm PST.

Types of chicken on sale right now

Farm Fresh Chicken Breasts (no added hormones or antibiotics) for $1.48 per lb.

I love the meat we receive from Zaycon SO much!!!!!!! Below are the deets on why.

Head to the Zaycon Fresh Foods site and register (or log-in if a member). You have to be registered to see the prices, pickup and delivery details and dates for your area and additional details.

Don’t miss this event as it is only open for orders the next few weeks or until they sell out and then it will be gone again for a while! Don't forget the sale ends Monday night at midnight!

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