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How we painted the exterior of our house

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BIG project

We set aside Labor day weekend to starting painting the exterior of our house.  

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How paint exterior of house -
How paint exterior of house -
How paint exterior of house -

When we moved in two years ago, we knew this job was going to need to be done. The old paint on the house was no longer protecting the siding.  Our hope was to do it last year but that didn't happen.  Now we have some damaged boards and of all things there is a fungus growing a few spots under the paint.

Steps to Prepare for Painting the exterior of our home

Timeline:  Wednesday

1.  Wash exterior

We live on a gravel road so the first step was to wash the exterior and get all the lovely cobwebs and wasp nests knocked down.   A kind friend of mine loaned us her power washer.  It went really fast so Steve was able to do it in one morning.

2.  Get supplies

He went to the local hardware store and found the boards to use to replace the rotten boards.

***  We had commitments Thursday evening so we couldn’t work any then.  I did use the time during the day to get some groceries and food prep done so we could spend a minimum in the kitchen over the weekend.  ***

Timeline:  Friday evening

3.  Caulk

Steve spent some time evening caulking the seams between the boards where we have gaps.  That’s where water had gotten in and damaged the siding.

When it got dark we played Pass the Pigs with Michael and Rebekah!  Fun before the work begins.

Timeline:  Saturday - Monday

Steve had to work until noon.  It would have been good to get started early but it just didn't work out that way.  I got to spend some time with this little sweetheart and her dad.  Good times. 

Painting Exterior of House -
Painting the Exterior House -

6.  Get more supplies:  PAINT!

I ran to town when the visitors were leaving.  Joshua and I got the paint.  At home we discovered a problem.  They didn't mix my big 5 gallon container.  

So back to town I went. 

Not happy is a good description of my attitude.  The people at Lowe's gave me a BIG discount and it cut our costs dramatically.  LOVE that!  So that trip to town wasn't so bad.

How we Tackled painting

It was at least 90 degrees maybe more so we chased the shade as the sun moved. 

One end of the house and half of the back side were DONE on Saturday.  Thankfully we had lots of help from the kids! Of course after we finished for the evening we swam and had ice cream as a reward!

Painting Exterior House -
Painting Exterior House -

Timeline:  Sunday

Up early to do another wall while it was in the shade.  I painted while Steve caulked and the kids got ready for church.  After church the kids did another short wall. 

Then it was time to wait for the sun to move again. It was seriously too hot to work mid day.

Paint Exterior of House -
Paint Exterior of House -

Finally the sun shifted enough for the back of the house to be shady so we got that side finished up.  Steve got more boards replaced and caulked them.  Another break for a couple of hours for supper, while we waited for the caulk to dry.

Paint exterior house -


After 7 pm we tackled the hardest side.  Power lines are a pain is all I have to say.

This article “How to Paint a House” was VERY helpful in figuring out how much paint to buy for the sides and the trim. 

I had NO idea how to estimate the amount but their formula helped.

We have the front and a small piece up high on the power line side yet to do but it is AWESOME to get the majority of the house painted. 


Next step:  Paint the trim . . . to be continued after it stops raining.



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