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How to know when you are ready for Hip Replacement Surgery

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How to Know you are READy for Hip Replacment Surgery -

Hip Replacement Surgery:  Am I ready?

Deciding to replace your hip is not a small decision.  It's been a long journey to be ready.

I’ve been putting it off for a decade.

God says that he formed me perfectly but there are certain parts of me that I would like to trade in for an upgrade.

My hip socket is too shallow and my femur (leg bone) doesn’t fit right.  The bones were knocking around back in 2011. 

That was when I had my first surgery.  

After 6 weeks of healing and being on crutches I felt much better.  But we knew that the adventures were just beginning with my hip.


Life is not normal & Symptoms are worse

I can't do normal things and it is limiting my activities.  The one that convinced me was that I am unable to carry my granddaughter for very long.  That one was convicting.

I am ready to be done with these things.  Life is not much fun right now.

  1. Rolling over means waking up.  I’m unwilling morning person because I can’t sleep past 6
  2. I don't go to bed much earlier than 11:30 because if I do I am up at 5
  3. 6 hours of sleep isn’t enough
  4. Pain meds aren't doing the job.  Walking any distance is terrible.
  5. My heat pad is loved more than just about anything right now
  6. Headaches/back aches are my constant companion from walking funny
  7. Kids are ducking and running any time after 5 p.m. when I say their name
  8. I’ve learned to schedule my walking in stores around my PT days.  Can't do both
  9. My recliner is my “place” in the house.  ALL.the.Time.
  10. Making meals is just not happening.  It is often fend for yourself here.

Today is the day.  I’ve probably left the house already and might even be in surgery.  I scheduled this post a couple of weeks ago when I was keeping myself busy trying to be distracted from how I felt.  

I would appreciate your prayers sooooo much.  I have 4-6 weeks of recovery to live through.  So it should be pretty quiet on the blog for a while.  If you want to keep up with how I am doing then be sure to follow Day to Day Adventures on Facebook or Twitter

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