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Get more "reading" time with audio books!

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July was a BUSY month. 

Too busy for much reading.  That is until I figured out that I could get more "reading" time in by listening to audio books while I worked during the day. 

Usually I read right before sleeping and I was so tired most nights my reading time was short.  Hubby would find me asleep still holding my book.  It's sad when you are too tired to read.

Get more "reading" time with audio books!

The idea of using my smart phone to play audio books was like a wake up call for me!  My family has always loved audio books for road trips but to listen to a book on my own seems like an extra special treat!  I know it is simple but sometimes it takes a light bulb moment for me!

Times to use audio books

  1. Traveling--we've listened to audio books for years when we were on the road. First as tapes and CDs but now that blue tooth technology is available we just pipe it through the speakers from our phones!

  2. House cleaning--yes I wash dishes or sweep the floor and listen to a book. It makes the time go really fast!

  3. Driving kids to activities or when I'm waiting on them to be done--This time is perfect for podcasts but if my current book is REALLY good I will listen to that instead.

  4. Mowing--we have 4 acres so this is a great time to listen! I need some better headphones though.

Where to get audio books

  • LIBRARY!!! Check your local library for Overdrive or a similar service. It is a great place to find free audio books of recent fiction and non-fiction books, including best-sellers.

  • Audible--This is popular place to get audio books. You can purchase them or get a monthly subscription. I've never used them but they are owned by Amazon and have a great reputation.

  • Scholastic also has a great article that lists where to find Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them

What I "read" this month through audio books

Cinder (Book 1 of the Lunar Chronicles)

by Marissa Meyer

In this book the fairy tale of Cinderella is transformed in to a futuristic sci-fi young adult story.  There is a plague that is killing the people of Earth and Cinder, a young cyborg, is right in the middle of it.  Full of action and bit of romance this tale makes you want to know if the prince will ever "see" who Cinder really is.  I really wanted this book to go on far longer than it did. 

But hey that is what book 2 is for right?

Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

As a teen, I enjoyed this book and it was just as good as an adult. 

A story of rivalry between the haves and the have nots.  There's death, love, loyalty, family fighting and lessons on what is REALLY important in life.  A coming of age book seen from the eyes of a young boy who looses much to learn who he really is in this world.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I just realized that my 3 fiction audio books were all YA.  That was not on purpose!  I do like YA as a whole but I try not to live there for a whole month!

I still haven't decided if I liked this book.  The premise is that in a future society "love" is viewed as a disease that can be "cured" after the age of 18. 

The end was pretty predictable (I like plot twists) and tragic but the author has a wonderful way with language and metaphor that I enjoyed! 


Real Books (digital for me)

Non Fiction

I'm proud to say I finally finished The Fringe Hours after several months of continually getting distracted. 

It holds wonderful advice for women who are trying to find the time to enjoy their lives! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Jessica N. Turner in The Fringe Hours.

" The heart of the fringe hours is finding underused pockets of time in your schedule and utilizing them for yourself."

"Many of us take the desire for balance and couple it with the unreasonable expectation that we need to be everything for everyone. The result is women who, like Lauren, are drained, physically and emotionally."

Those "with someone I love" fringe hours experiences can be some of the richest and most fulfilling because you are meeting two needs--the need to do what you love and the need for relationship.


I'm so glad I picked up The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen.  It was a refreshing change from all the weightiness of the non fiction and YA from this month that dealt so much with serious and thought provoking ideas. 

I do like a little escape in my reading time.  :)

This book addressed how women who were caught in compromising "situations" had to live afterwards. 

I also enjoyed it because it is a glimpse into what could have been the life of Jane Austen.  All wrapped up in this book are deep friendships, mystery, romance and a glimpse into the past.


The audio book for book #2 in the Lunar Chronicles was not available so I had to go for the digital version from the library.

Book #2 doesn't disappoint.  This time we are looking through the "eyes" of Red Riding Hood and her experiences with the Wolf as they are swept up in horror of mind control and the possibility of war looming on the horizon with a queen who wants to take over Earth.

Again we are left hanging as Cinder, who is an integral part of this story too, has to decide what she will do as the princess who can save everyone.


In progress now

The me I want to be:  Becoming God's best version of you

I've started my next non fiction and I wanted something more spiritual and boy did I get it in this book.  I'm not far in but I'm not dragging my feet on this one.  Ortberg is doing a masterful job of giving meat to chew on in a very readable enjoyable way.

It's pushing me to reconsider many preconceived notions that I have about what it means to be pleasing to God and how I can praise him in all areas of my life not just when my seat is in the pew on Sunday.

I'm reading 15 to 20 minutes every morning after I do my quiet time.  Yay for non fiction that is inspiring and draws the reader in.

Next audio books on my list

Fahrenheit 451, Unbroken or Cress(Lunar #3) are the three books on my audio book list.  Or do you have a suggestion for me?  I'd love to hear what you think!

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Get more "reading" time with audio books!

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