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Handmade Knit Hats and homemade Christmas gift plans

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Every year I have a goal to make as many homemade Christmas gifts as possible.  I confess that in the past few years I’ve not make ANYthing!  Great plans but no results.

Handmade knit hats and homemade Christmas gift plans --

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.  This costs you nothing extra and helps me buy scrapbook paper and craft supplies(plus keep this blog going)!

Last year I shared a list of 15 Homemade Gifts you could start in July.  Readers loved that list so am starting a new one for 2016 that I will be sharing SOON   If you don’t want to miss it then be sure to signup to be part of the Day to Day Adventure family!

One of the items on that homemade Christmas gift list will be homemade hats, scarves and other fun wearables!  Which is why I was THRILLED when I heard about this great ebook Super Duper Knit hats for Beginners.(affiliate)

Handmade knit hats and homemade Christmas gift plans --

Making handmade Christmas gifts

THIS is the year I am going to learn to knit.  I’ve wanted to learn for a long time but I’m sooooo excited to make this one of my winter projects.  MANY of my ongoing projects are huge and take a lot of time to finish!  Rag rugs, cross stitch, quilts and scrapbooking are just a few I am working on a little at a time.

Handmade knit hats and homemade Christmas gift plans --

I want to be a project finisher not just a starter so I was looking for some smaller handmade crafts to make for Christmas.  Hand made gifts can really mean a lot!

One of the best Christmas memories that I have is that my mom loved to make "knitted" hats and scarves for her grandkids with a loom. I love that my son Joshua still has the last one she made for him and it just barely fits.
Handmade knit hats and homemade Christmas gift plans --


It used to cover a lot more of his head and not be so tight but he's man size now not little boy size!  So he is first on my list for a new hat!

My friend Evelyn, an experienced knitter, over at Nemcsok Farms has a great 4 part Learning to Knit series that I’m going to go through in October.  She also runs a facebook page for knitters that I’m hoping will be an encouragement and a place to go with questions.  

Handmade knit hats and homemade Christmas gift plans --
Then I'm goint to tackle one of these adorable hats! Evelyn promises that the patterns are easy enough for beginners and they work up quicly using large needles and chunky yarn!

Want to join me in learning to knit or want the 6 easy patterns in the Super Duper Knit Hats for Beginners? (affiliate)

Just click on the links above or the graphic to the right to go to the checkout page.  Supporting other women in their creative outlets is a great way to keep control of where your money goes. 

If you don’t buy this ebook from Evelyn, then I encourage you to make your own handmade crafts or look on Etsy for unique handmade gifts for Christmas.




This is a STEAL for what you are getting!  Most patterns on Etsy are at least $4 each and you are getting 6 patters for $8.33!!!  That’s under $1.50 a pattern! 

So if you are ready to get going on your homemade Christmas gifts then check out the Super Duper Knit Hats for Beginners and pull out your needles and yarn to get started!

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