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Garden Party Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase

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We turned the AC on this week. Kids are in the pool. I’m using the crockpot to avoid heating up the kitchen. We are on summer school schedule there is more time to do crafts, read books and play games! Summer has arrived and we are LOVING it! My craft goal for the summer was to make some string art. One version of this Mason jar vase was perfect for both the Patriot decor I love between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July and for the rest of the summer. The "normal" or summer version of the vase can hold artificial, dried or cut flowers.

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Change in Routine and Rhythm

The different feel of summer is a balm to my soul. There’s more time spent just hanging out on the deck or in the garden. We talk and enjoy the time outside in the evening when the sun has stopped blistering us with its heat. I love to bring a little of that summer into the house and flowers are the easiest way to do that!  

How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase

Project Beautiful Garden Party!!!!

Thanks for joining me for the garden party today! Some great friends of mine have put together a TON of super AWESOME summer related posts! So grab a cool drink and settle in your favorite chair for some fun reading! And when you are done you can go make this super cute mason jar string art vase which would be a great way to decorate for a garden party of your own!

How to make a Mason Jar with string

  1. Print off an outline of a mason jar. Measure it!
  2. Select a board(or cut one) that is about 6 inches longer than your mason jar and a couple of inches wider.
  3. Stain or paint the board
  4. Start on one corner of the jar print out and mark every 1/2-3/4 inch on the lines.
  5. Attach your paper to the board using masking tape
  6. Using a drill or drill press pre-drill your holes for the nails
  7. Remove the paper
  8. Place a towel down and then your board. Using a hammer, nail in the nails about half way (at least 1/2 inch)
  9. Tie on your string and go around the outline of your jar at least 2 times but more is fine. If you want to go across the jar this provides a way for smaller flowers to be threaded through so they stay in place.
  10. End your string where you started and tie the strings together. Cut the string but leave about 6 inches of a tail after your knot.
  11. Thread the tail on a needle and weave the tail back through the outline to hide it.  Snip off the tail and hot glue if you think it will come loose
  12. Add your flowers or other fun to your vase!

I didn't take photos of each step but I did have a helper who is always on the table. You want to see behind the scenes right? Luckily he wasn't playing with the string.

How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase

Finished examples:

How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase
How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase
How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase
How to make a Mason Jar String Art Flower Vase

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