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Feeling overwhelmed? Me too

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Today has been a feeling overwhelmed day--just focusing on my 3 things I decided were a priority. 1 down 2 to go.

This was my status from Facebook in 2009.  

Some things really never change I suppose.

All of this past week I have been battling the feeling that I just can't keep up.  Plus I feel like I am running in circles and accomplishing nothing.

It is hard to live like this for days. . .

or weeks.

After looking back at my journal for the last couple of years, I noticed that this seems to be my September "theme."

I have a theory about why this overwhelmed feeling hits me in September.  I call it "autumn anxiety."  I find this time of year difficult.  The dead of winter is VERY hard as well.

How do you battle these times of feeling overwhelmed?  Here's what often happens to me

Feeling overwhelmed?  -


  • I loose it.  At least once.  I'm not a person who yells, cries or generally goes on a rant.  But when I do, it is my clue to step back & take a deep breath(and maybe a nap).  I also think I am very weird because I know that if I can have a cry I will often feel better--it lets off steam I guess.
  • Acknowledge the feelings.  Realize that I have feelings that are not necessarily the truth.  I can feel like a failure but also know that I am NOT a failure.  It is a hard balance to achieve.

  • List of priorities.  Many times I'm overwhelmed because I don't think.  I just dash from one urgent thing to another.  It makes the anxiety level rise.  If I have a list then it helps me to know what is most important also I LOVE to cross things off this list which is super motivating.


  • Ask friends to pray.  I have learned that if I keep how I am feeling to myself then it can go from bad to worse.  Sure I am praying as I work my list & try to overcome my feelings.   Prayers like this "GOD please keep my from going crazy today" is a pretty standard.  So I text my husband or a friend or my older children. 
  • Just do the next thing.  Knowing others are praying for me is just a soothing blanket of calm that helps me to not focus on my feelings and DO something.  If I can get pointed in a direction of purpose even if it is a small task like laying out meat for supper or grading papers then I feel like I can handle doing the NEXT thing on my list.
  • Seek peace and pursue it.  Peace is one of my goals every single day.  It is the opposite of anxiety.  I find peace with the above list.  (Most of the time)  Some days I fail but I keep seeking it. 

Only when I give up do I fail.

How do you battle your feelings?  What gets you out of a funk? 

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