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Blessings from the Week volume 6

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I’m cheating.

My blessings “technically” are from last week.  I took this picture after I had written my blessings article and had it ready to post. 

From this one photo I can count 3 things that are a JOY for me.

1.  Growth

Blessings -

Joshua loves that he’s towering over his sister’s these days.  I don’t love that I’m going to need to take him jeans shopping soon. 

I’ve always said he would be the tallest of our 4 kids.  He was a BIG baby at 9# when he was born. He’s demonstrative, dramatic & loves to make everyone laugh with him.

Megan is never going to grow taller but she has grown mighty in the past several months.  She’s making plans for after high school.  Driving is her goal right now.   She drives us everywhere andwill have her license very soon.  She’s determined, graceful, hardworking & organized.

Elizabeth is looking ahead to what comes next.  Illness is not keeping her from living life.  After her difficult diagnosis Fibromyalgia, she has taken steps to manage her illness and keep moving forward.  She is evaluating what she spends her time on and how she wants to live her life.  She’s introspective, caring, brave & creative.

2.  Sibling LOVE

I love that they let me take this picture.  Honestly it was uncomfortable for Elizabeth. She is not a hugger. So to be squished between people?  Kinda torture.  But because she loves these two so much she allowed it . . . For about 3 seconds.

Michael has been out of the house for several years and these three have had to adjust to the older brother influence being removed.  They have clung together, cried together, loved others together & grown into people who know about the important things in life.

3.  Routine

We are at the library in this above photo.  For countless years we have made a weekly trip to the library. 

Megan had class early & late in the afternoon plus a meeting in the middle so Joshua and I made plans to just hang at the library.  When Elizabeth came home early on Friday, she couldn’t resist joining us.  It’s one of our favorite places.

Blessings -
Blessings -
Blessings -

My kids are readers.  They come home with a bag FULL of books every single week.

I love that it is our routine.  It is an early lasting memory for them and is part of our family culture.

Simple joys are the best

Are you counting your blessings these days?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments or over on the Day to Day Adventures FB page.  Let us know what you are JOYful about today!

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