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Built in Window Seat & Shelves

HomemakingKim BrushComment

My husband is a very talented guy.  He likes to work with wood and make something from nothing.  He replaced the cracked & splitting stairs at our old house.  See the gray step in the picture?  Gross.  Afterward it was so pretty I almost didn't want to move.

On unfortunate thing about our new place when we moved in there was only one window on the south side of our house.  The cats, kids, dogs & were always fighting for that sunny spot on winter afternoons.  Especially my sweet Abby.  She was a sunshine hog.

So we knocked out the old window which was water damaged & put in a double window for more sunshine!  When changed the window we replaced the door on to our deck as it was letting lots of cold air in as well.  That's the next project around here.  We need to finish putting up the trim boards.  And replace the screen because my dogs have destroyed what is there.  Probably need a screen guard too.

Needs Trim boards

I've always wanted a window seat and this seemed to be the perfect spot to build one.  And shelves.  Who ever has enough shelves?  Not me.  Together, Steve & I, looked at plans from several sources to build our shelves and seat.  Pinterest was a BIG help. 

I'm so excited about the final product!  It is really close to being complete.  Just a couple more coats of varnish. 

Builtin Window Seat & Shelves


I keep hoping that it will get done before the weather turns totally beautiful and we start working on things outside.  The grass is turning green & my tulips are peeking through the mulch!