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Brown is beautiful #ColorOurWorld

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Fall is rapidly heading into winter here in the mid-west.  I admit I do not like winter.  It’s hard on my attitude.   Less sunlight.  Less time outdoors due to my not enjoying the cold.  Less color and beautiful plants.  But wait there is a unappreciated color that we can notice this time of year.  Brown is a beautiful basic color that colors the world all around us!

Brown is totally a beautiful color!  We see it everywhere in nature--we just need to pay attention!  -

Brown is Beautiful! 

Brown is the color for #Color Our World in November and as I thought about brown it occurred to me that there are many wonderful brown things to be thankful for right now.

  • Leaves turning to mulch on my garden which makes my garden awesome!
  • Grass that I don’t need to mow while it is resting in the cold
  • Turkey that we are eating as leftovers
  • My favorite chocolate muffins
  • Homemade peanut butter cups!
  • Even my winter coat that keeps me warm is brown!!!

Today is all about how AWESOME brown can be despite it's reputation as a "boring" color.  My blogger friends from Project Beautiful have put together a “Brown” Color Our World roundup!  Check out some of these awesome posts! (Last month, we featured the color orange!  Did you miss that one?)

Cover Crops Turn a Brown Garden Green

My garden is put to bed for the year but I have a few open spots and after reading how Garden Chick uses cover crops as a way to turn a brown garden green, I am tempted to try this! It sounds easy and very beneficial for my garden!

The Year in Color:  Brown the natural color

Blooming Secrets shares about how brown is a color that is in the garden throughout the year.  From sunflowers to dirt to compost to ornamental grasses the color brown is super important amid all the colors from the plants in our gardens. 

3 Simple Ways to Decorate Acorn Sugar Cookies

Need a great sugar cookie recipe? 

Check out The Freshman Cook’s awesome recipe for Acorn Cookies!  They are adorable and perfect for any fall celebration.  Who says cookies are just white with sprinkles for the Christmas holiday’s? 

Not me. 

This Month's Color in the Garden:  Brown

Excellent examples of brown all over the garden in this post by Landscape by Design.  Love her photography skills!


Homemade Cough Drops

It is the season to be sick. 

Oh wait I meant to celebrate. 

Actually it seems that when we celebrate with groups of people, there is an increased risk for sickness.  These homemade cough drops are a great natural alternative to cough syrup and I can almost convince myself they look like chocolate! 

Another brown item that I am ALWAYS thankful for!

Brown Bag Lunch Low Carb Freezer Chimichangas

November for has been a season of learning to cook in our house.  My 14 year old son needs to know how to be comfortable in the kitchen.  Check out this AWESOME brown bag chimichanga recipe that we take on the road for a wonderful lunch. 

They are perfect for making a large batch and sticking in the freezer!

Chocolate Brown Gardening

There are so many brown plants and plants that have brown flowers!  Sensible Gardening gives some great ideas for using chocolate (again my favorite!) brown in your garden.  Brown provides a wonderful balance to colorful plants!

Gingerbread for Beginners

We've never made gingerbread houses from scratch but wow this post may just inspire a new tradition in our home.  Aren't they super cute?

If you want to know how to make amazing gingerbread houses?  Check out this post!


Brown is totally a beautiful color!  We see it everywhere in nature--we just need to pay attention!  -

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the #PBColorOurWorld Round-Up for November. Wishing you joy and happiness in the holiday season and always!

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