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A BIG thank you and 25% off Rags to Rug eBook SALE!

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As you all know Thanksgiving was a few days ago!  We were all busy with family and friends but today I want to send out a BIG thank you to all my readers.  I don't ever go out shopping on Black Friday.  Hubby always works so I stay home and hang out with my kids.  So AWESOME this year since my college girl is home!  But that doesn't mean I don't love some good online deals!  So I'm throwing my own SALE on my eBook Rags to Rugs!  PLUS there is a totally new freebie for you!

YOU are part of the Day to Day family!

I am so privileged that my readers take the time to stop in and read about our latest adventures.  The past two years have been a wild ride and it never seems to slow down.  Every mom that I talk to says the same thing!

HOW I want to help my readers!

As moms, we live for our families and we give our all to keep all our precious people happy, healthy and growing!  Here on Day to Day Adventures, I strive to help other mom’s be creative in their home, garden and raising their families.  

To celebrate Thanksgiving I want to give back to all of you!  You are why I am here after all! Many of you come here because you are interested in rag rugs and how to make them so I have a little freebie for you.

FREE tip sheet:  7 tips to Making a Rag Rug

These are my top 7 tips and items that you need to get started making a Rag Rug! 

The tip sheet is my free gift to you today.  After all why would you get started on a project without knowing what you need!  One of the things you need is the Rags to Rug eBook which gives step by step instruction on how to create your own FABULOUS rag rug! (which is on sale!!!!!)

Rags to Rugs eBook is on SALE 25% off!

Are you thinking that you are ready to jump in and make your own rug???  Then I want to give you a day after Thanksgiving DEAL. 

Rags to Rugs, on sale!  For 4 days it is only $7.50!!!!  Regular price is $10. You won’t see this sale price again until next year so take advantage of this sale!  It won't last long!


ALSO, if you would like to know about the next sale (sales are always better for my newsletter peeps), then make sure to sign up for the freebie above or sign up for the (mostly) weekly newsletter!

Enjoy your family and friends through the entire holiday season and enjoy the sale . . .

But only until Monday (11/28/16)

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