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Blessings from the week vol 12

Kim Brush2 Comments

When nothing “BIG” happens to be thankful for it always amazes me how there are a multitudes of “little’ blessings I’m thankful for each day.  Things I don’t want to take for granted.

Little Blessings

  • Snuggles from Cecily
  • Steve playing airplane with Cecily(sorry they are blurry--actions shots are tricky)
Blessings -
Blessings -
  • Hugs from my kids
  • Heated seats in suburban on cold days
  • Finding warm snugly sweat pants in preparation for surgery
  • Megan getting her license and taking her first solo drive to classes!
Blessings -
  • Cheap costumes at the good will for an upcoming play!
  • Honey and herbs to battle my cold
  • Kids learning life skills
  • Funny videos that keep me laughing
  • Hot tea every morning to sooth my sore throat
Blessings -
  • Family playing games together
  • Elizabeth's smiles
  • Gifts of eggs, vegetables and fruit from a friend
  • More tomatoes & peppers from the garden(isn't it almost November????)
  • Anticipation of plans for coffee with a friend

I'm sure there are MANY more but I think a list of little things shouldn't become super LONG! 

Have a wonderful weekend!