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Operation “Grandma”

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On Monday my mom had her 6th chemotherapy.  It went very smoothly.  She hadn’t slept well the night before so she actually napped most of the 6 hours.

As of today she has had about 10 days of “feeling normal.”  That is such a blessing and encouragement to her.  You get really sick & tired of feeling sick & tired.  At chemo mom finished the hat she’s been making for Joshua—yeah!

Today dad called to say that mom would be coming back to stay for some extra TLC at our house.  We went in to Operation grandma mode! 

Got her bed made up!

Stocked the frig with drink & snack options.

Cleared a counter for her medicines & notebook to track when she takes things. (my counter is never that clean on a normal day!)

Dad called back later to say that she changed her mind.  She will be staying home at least one more night.  I hope and pray that she doesn’t HAVE to come.  But if she does we are ready!