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It’s all in your attitude

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Today could be a  downer for me. Today I turn 40

(Prepare your self for lots of pictures—sorry!)


(18 years old)


(almost 19)

I’m not a teenager anymore(thank God!)


(24 years)

The 20s are a fond memory & the good old 30s are done………


(34 years)

Ever since I can remember when people ask my age they exclaim—NO way you aren’t that old.  I also get “there is NO way you have a kid that old.”  I like that I look younger than what my id says.


(37 years)

Today I am not going to be unhappy that I am 40.  I am choosing to be thankful for all the blessings that God has placed in my life. 

In fact I thought I would list some of those blessings.  These are in no particular order.

1. A husband who loves me and gives me more joy than I deserve.

2.  Adult son coming home “just because” he likes to hang out with his parents.

3.  My beautiful, loving children


4.  Flowers delivered unexpectedly!

5.  Parents who love me

6.  Connecting with my brother & sister recently

7.  Projects to keep my hands & mind busy


8.  Sunshine instead of rain—everyone knows how much I love the sun after days of winter gray.

9.  Being a stay-at-home mom

10.  Flowers blooming early this year!

11.  Forgiveness

12.  Daughters who cheer me on & laugh at my sillies

13.  Food in the frig, gas in the car, clothes on my back

14.  My iphone—seriously would go crazy with out it

15.  Dark curtains to keep the light out when I want to sleep in on my birthday(any day).

16.  Friends who forget I like to sleep in and text me at 7 am to wish me a happy 40th.

17.  Death by chocolate cake with peanut butter between the layers(aaaahhhh)

18.  Anticipation of a afternoon with my mom

19.  Sweet hugs from my youngest

20.  Grace

21.  A mother-in-law & father-in-law who have helped me to grow and treat me as one of their own.

22.  Friends who walk beside me, cry in sympathy, laugh for no reason, understand when there are no words left to say.

23.  Adventures

24.  My precious church family

25.  The Brush/Schweikert clan—we aren’t hillbillies really(if you don’t count some of them)

26.  Little girl giggles, big girl hugs

27.  Pepsi

28.  My hip—defective but functioning

29.  Comfortable place to lay my head at night

30.  Memories stuck down, decorated & sitting on a shelf for times when I need to remember.

31.  Lessons learned, paradigms shifted

32.  Abby’s companionship

33.  Peanut butter

34.  Plans for the future—gardens, vacations, trips

35.  21 years with my love

(39 years)

36.  Warm breezes of spring

37.  Energy to get up each day

38.  Little boy energy, big boy compassion

39.  Messes to clean, laundry to do, errands to run

40.  One more breath—means that I am still here with a purpose to live out as I make this journey

I love this saying from pinterest. 

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Try making your list—I promise you won’t be sorry.