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10 Things I am/am not doing at the beach


Things I am/am not doing this week

I am not . . . .

10.  Wearing shoes.  If you know me I pretty much wear my sandals or tennis shoes 24/7.  I hate walking on grit & often on our hard wood there is grit.  But this week my sandals are in a corner unless we run to the grocery store because it is the last time I will get to go barefoot comfortably this year.

at the beach -

9.  Doing dishes.  We are staying in a house where there are lots of dishes & pans to cook in.  So well the dishes are sitting in the sink or by the sink for several meals before someone does them.

8.  Watching my kids.  I love them.  They are with me 24/7 at home.  We do everything together.  School, meals, chores etc.  But one time a year my hubby steals me away for a week alone.  We leave them in good hands(Thank God for Grandma’s).

7.  Coupon shopping.  Nope didn’t even bring them with me.

I am . . . .

6.  Reading.  My sister loaned me her Kindle and I’ve been loading free books on my iphone for a few weeks.

at the beach -

5.  Sitting.  It feels like loafing but I prefer to think of it as recharging my batteries.

at the beach -
at the beach -

4.  Watching.  I love the ocean and I could just watch the waves for hours.

at the beach -

3.  Walking.  Steve & I enjoy walking the beach and looking at little crabs, shells, waves, people etc.  Of course we are barefoot.

2.  Scrapbooking.  Sounds weird doesn’t it? 

Well Steve is in class for 3 days of our week away.  So I get to work on a project that hardly ever gets touched at home.  Love that Southwest lets you bring 2 bags for free.

1.  Planning for the year.  It isn’t all fun & relaxing.  Steve & I have found if we relax a couple of days it allows us to then turn our eyes to the future and what God is perhaps asking us to do for the next year. 

This can be the most exciting part of the trip as we talk & dream.

Do you ever get to run away with your hubby?  Where do you go and what do(or not do) you do there?