Day to Day Adventures

Summer Morning Routine

Kim3 Comments

I love about our mornings

1.  Thunder & rain to water my crowded garden

2.  Sleeping in on days that follow late nights

3.  Eating breakfast together & planning our day

4.  Picking a couple of projects to work on

5.  Working outside while it is cool

6.  Watching tomatoes grow.

7.  Planning simple meals

8.  Checking my flowers for blooms

9.  Chores getting down so we can go to swimming lessons

10. Big kids coloring with little kids


Summer is a different routine.  Play in the mornings while its cool.  Work on projects inside or read in the afternoon while it is hot.  My mind is thinking ahead to fall & the school work yet to be done.  But I am relishing the summer mornings while they are here.