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Motivation to Work

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I defrosted my freezer this weekend(among other things).  I haven’t gotten to do that in 2 years.  I was SO happy!

There are SO many things that I have needed to do for the past year and half.  I was limited by my physical capabilities.  That was terribly difficult & it has changed how I look at work.  I can honestly say I like to work.

But you say . . . nobody likes to work!

That is obvious from the effort it took tonight to get my 9 year old on board with picking up sticks in the yard.  He didn’t want to do it.  I was even bribing him with a movie afterward.  Still he dilly dallied and avoided as much as possible.


On the other hand my daughter works very hard every day on a puzzle.  She has one going all the time.  Puzzles are hard and difficult so why does she willingly work on it?  Because it gives her pleasure when it is done.

Pleasure in the process

I have found that if I can find an enjoyable part of a task then I am much more likely to go willingly to do a job. 

An example—mowing the grass.  I really don’t like sweating and getting bug bites but some times the grass has to be mowed(if I can’t get Elizabeth on the task).  On the other hand I know that it is one job that will stay done(unlike laundry) for at least a few days & I get a bit of a thrill driving up to my nicely mowed lawn each day!

Pride in the finished product

Neatly stacked laundry. A clean kitchen counter. School papers any papers filed where I can located them. Those all bring me pleasure.  So focusing on that helps my motivation.

Change in Perspective

At times the amount of work it takes to keep a neat & clean house seems overwhelming.  I can walk in to a room and I see a million things that need doing.  On some days I would have to make lists or avoid that room. 

In the past year I haven’t been able to do the things I needed much less wanted to do.  I never knew that limitations like that were so hard.  I used to dread the work that awaited me every day.

My perspective has changed.  I have found that work can be a source of satisfaction.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get tired.  It doesn’t mean I don’t resent the continual mountain of laundry or dishes.  But it does mean that I am much less likely to complain about having to do them. 


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