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No idea what is in the freezer!

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It is time to take stock!  We’ve survived the month of the girls doing all the cooking.  It has taught everyone some lessons.

1.  We all have favorite foods—I knew that but wow was it apparent!  And not everyone rice at every meal is acceptable.

2.  Meals are for everyone so if you are the "designated cook” it is important to think of others (not just ourselves) when we choose what is on the menu each day!  I never thought this would be a lesson to “teach” but we can all be selfish especially when it comes to favorite foods! 

3.  Being the one in charge goes well for about  3 weeks and then the “shine” wears off! 


4.  I like to try new things!  One of the things I missed the most was trying the new recipes that I found as I was reading blogs!  I find real pleasure when EVERYONE loves a new recipe.  That can be challenging in a family of 6.  Steve is SO laid back about food—if it is nourishing & filling he is generally happy with it.  Some of the others aren’t so laid back though.

So as we enter February & I am easing back into the kitchen, I am evaluating what our menus will be this month.  The biggest obstacle is that I haven’t made it out to our big freezer to see what is still there.  Same problem with my stockpile in the basement.  I know there is food available but have no clue what it is!

Two goals for tomorrow

1.  Go to one store, probably Aldi’s, to get some necessary items.  I am not walking very far yet so . . . one store may be too much. 

2.  Send the girls out to take an inventory of what meals are frozen & available in the garage freezer.

That will keep us from starving & get me back on track with being in the kitchen!  Two things we always have on hand are eggs & potatoes.  Here is a great fast recipe for a quick breakfast, lunch or supper!  Everyone here loves eggs so it is one I go back to a lot!

Easy Frittata

Hash Browns or 4-5 potatoes(diced)—frozen is fine

2 T oil

10 eggs

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Dice your potatoes & place in a large skilled.  Add oil & fry until tender.  In a separate bowl, beat eggs & add milk.  Sprinkle cheese over potatoes when they are done.  Pour eggs over cheese & potatoes.  Cover skillet & turn heat down to low.  Let eggs cook until firm.  Those who love salsa put a little on their slice.

Serve with toast or biscuits & fruit.


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