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10 Things I am ignoring

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1.  Groans—this happens quite a bit at meal times or anytime school needs to be done by the youngest male in the family.

2.  Clutter—we need to work on our zones today.  The weekend really made a mess of the living room.

3.  A green fish tank—enough said

4.  My kitchen floor—this is the one job I never got Megan trained on for her chore.  So it hasn’t been done since December.  It is a must do this week.

5.  The calendar—Our next 12 weekends gets crazy.  Only 3 will be at home.  Yikes!  Bible Quizzing takes over our Saturdays this time of year.  Fun trip, practices, & Nationals!

6.  Dishes to return—kind friends and neighbors brought us food.  Now I need to return them so I have some counter space again.

7.  Thank you notes—to send with the above dishes

8.  SNOW—it is everywhere & NOT melting yet

9.  Sore muscles—walking is challenging.  My muscles are NOT happy.  I think they are on strike so I am still sitting a lot & rolling around in my desk chair for school.

10.  Papers to grade—this one is really hanging over my head.  I will spend time on this . . . . . . later today.