Day to Day Adventures

Money Saving Monday Valentine’s Banquet


Love. Chocolate.  Sweets.  Flowers.  Poetry. Romance.

I seem to remember some of that from our “pre-kid” life.  I love Steve don’t get me wrong but our love is lived out daily & doesn’t need a day where we make grand declarations or big gifts. 

Sure I love flowers but I would rather have them on some day he just thinks of me than the day everyone gets flowers for their sweethearts.  I really love it when he gets me flowers I can plant & see year after year.

That said we went to dinner last night but it sure wasn’t a normal dinner.  My kids are trying to earn money to go to Bible Quizzing Nationals in April.  It isn’t a small amount.


They helped other friends/cousins put on a banquet for our church family last night.  They did a great job & it was a ton of fun for those involved!  Here is the menu!

Main dish—Ham

Vegies—Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

Bread—Wheat Dinner Rolls—made by Megan


Dessert—Decadent Chocolate Cake—made by Elizabeth

It made my heart happy to see our church family blessing these children.  What they didn’t know was what a blessing it was to us to have time to fellowship with friends and family. 

P1110186_edited-1   P1110187

Playing Bible Jeopardy!

Thanks guys I’d rather pay you than give or money to a restaurant.  Great job!