Day to Day Adventures

Weekly Wrap up Feb 7-13


Fun Quotes

Elizabeth--Awk!  Mom where are your crutches? (As I walked by her for the second time)

Steve—so HOW do you make chicken pot pie?(such a brave husband)


Places we went

Gerbes AND Walmart AND Aldis—of course I rode in the electric cart to make it all go easier!

Good Will—shopping for jeans & white shirts—SCORE!


Best moments of the week

Girls cleaning & doing their zones while having a hug fight.  One was chasing the other saying I am going to hug you & the other runs saying “NO NO NO” while laughing hysterically.

Girls dressed up in flip flops to go to Tropical Tuesday!  It was 12 degrees—yikes!

Steve sanding drywall in the stairwell.  Will it ever be finished?


Worst moments of the week

Realizing that my walking distance is about 2 aisles at the grocery store.