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Gratituesday: Getting Caught Up

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There are battles we face every day. 

This week it has been the battle of doing things I DON’T want to do. 

Like grade papers.


Homeschooling has many joys.  I love reading aloud to the kids.  Teaching them to cook & work around the house reaps all kinds of benefits.  Drawing, logic problems, even writing thank you notes are no problem.  However when I look at the evil basket full of math, grammar, science, literature & history papers to grade.  I sort of just wilt and groan.  My kids are just too self motivated.  Is there such a thing?  The girls just keep working even if I am not keeping up with them.

I’ve tried many things to keep caught up. 

--Grade everything that comes in on the same day.  Works until we have to leave the house in the afternoon(grading time).

--Grade at night.  My motivation to do this just flies out the window when hubby comes home.  I have to have some time where I am a wife not a school teacher.

--Get up early.  This actually works pretty well but since surgery I haven’t convinced my body to rise before 7.  Working on that one.

So I spent the whole afternoon yesterday grading.

Then Steve rescued me.


They closed work early today, due to the blizzard like conditions, so he was back home by 10 am.  Yipee!  We were working hard on school.  Here is how the conversation went

Steve: “Well I should be doing “something” since everyone is work here.”

Me: (Light bulb moment)  “Well you could grade Physical Science for me, but only if you want to”  Hopeful expression on my face.

He actually did it!  I was SO far behind.  I hadn’t graded since Thanksgiving due to the holiday, doctor appointments & then surgery.  Wow he graded for 2 full hours & got me caught up all the way!  I only have to enter the points into my computer program!  I would do a happy dance if the crutches allowed it!

Confession time.  I procrastinate about Science when it gets in the high school years.  I am not as confident in those areas so it is AWESOME when Steve grades because his expertise is in that area.  He is taking a well deserved break as it snows & blows.  And I am going to work on history and literature—smiling all the way with gratitude to my wonderful hubby.

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