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Finer Things Friday: Initiative

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I am SO blessed to have GREAT friends. 


Once a month we get together to scrapbook at church.  Since this month I am kinda homebound they agreed to come here for the evening.  I am so looking forward to some girl time!!!  Yes!

(As I look around my house) Ahhh what was I thinking? 


It is Friday—which means things have gotten really bad.  We pick up each day but things are slipping.  Sigh.

Well I guess if they are my friends they won’t mind right?

Or maybe they will help me pick it up?

On the other hand I was able to work on the kitchen counter a bit as the piles in there had gotten pretty high.  My little guy was my legs.  I hand him things & he runs them where they belong.  Hmmm good lesson for him!  We even lit a candle! 

Mmmm smells good. 


Next I will tackle the other counter & my desk area.  One tiny baby step at a time.


I was so pleased with that but then I hopped(grin) to my bedroom & discovered a little elf had made my bed. 


I still cannot do that alone.  I am pretty sure I know who did it but WOW to find it done with out asking. 

Initiative is truly a finer thing.  So are Relationships—I posted about that earlier this week & I had a hard time choosing which was my Friday Finer Thing.

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