Day to Day Adventures



Somehow this looking for things to be thankful for has created a monster in me.  I am generally thankful.  For my family, friends, house, food, clothes, freedom etc.

So this weird thing keeps happening.  I find my self thankful for things that I don’t always like.  Why is that?

For example

Voting—a privilege but not “fun”—hard work figuring out what my stance on some issues were

Joshua—love him but being thankful for his chatter & quirks can be interesting some days


Mending?—I hate to mend things—hence the pile up


Posting something on Facebook causes me to look for things to be thankful for in the everyday.  Of course I am thankful for the above mentioned “normal” stuff.  On a bad day it can be challenging to find things I am thankful for.  However, I find that it has changed my attitude as I go through my day. 

Being thankful is a choice.  I am growing through that choice.  How about you?