Day to Day Adventures

Good friends


You know how sometimes you just know someone will be a friend from the first moments?      The first time I met Sarah(name changed to protect the innocent!) she just felt like someone I’ve know for a long time!  She and her family are just SO much fun to be around.  They are a blessing & encouragement to Steve & I. 

We need that. 

It is not enough to have just have people who you are acquainted with in your life.  You need people to KNOW who you are and what you believe.  Her husband has also been an encouragement to Steve & that just warms my heart.  Guys don’t have an easy time getting to know other guys.  I hope that continues & builds both men up.

They are now going to church with us and it is even sweeter to know that we get to worship together & celebrate weekly as a family the GOOD news of Jesus!

Today I am thankful for new friends who feel like old friends but are really eternity friends.