Day to Day Adventures

Busy Days


Early get up.  Exercises.  Bible time with the kids.

Do school with Joshua.


Defrost steak(arg.) & make Swiss Steak in the crockpot. 

Listen to Megan quote her verses. 

Encourage her to keep studying when she wants to give up. 

Eat a lunch which Elizabeth lovingly made for us.  Print coupons. 

Throw a snack together.  Make sure everyone has their books & clogging shoes. 

Fly out the door.

Piano lessons.


Sit, cut & sort coupons.  Write checks.

Go to mother-in-laws.  Return jars & pick up juice.

Go to the bank.  Get a SODA(first in a week!)

Drive home—turn crockpot down to low.

Drive to clogging.  Listen to LOUD stomping & music!


Sit & play with a cute niece or two.


Head home & do more studying with the girls.

Snarf supper(thank God for my crockpot).

Go to quiz practice & herd 30ish teens around.


Home.  Put apple butter in to jars. Bed.

Twice a month we have a REALLY long day of errands & lessons.  I am so thankful that I am able to be home to take my kids to the lessons for interests that they are pursuing.  It is tiring but I am glad I have the time, money & energy to get these days done.  In between all the work there is laughter, lessons & fun along the way.