Day to Day Adventures

Winter Declutter


It all started on Wednesday last week. I was going crazy spinning in circles trying to accomplish something. There have been some problems around our house that have prevented it from being organized and tidy. We have had remodeling going on for what seems like years. All of it has been good in the end.

As many projects begin, we had water come in our window well & soak some carpet. After it was ripped up we decided to lay tile

instead. There also was a need to have another drain(which meant busting up the concrete foundation) so we also decided to rearrange the drains in the bathroom so the toilet was in a better place. So our bathroom has gone from looking like this(which is actually better than when the shower & cabinets were still there) to this beautiful bathroom that is functional and we all are thankful to have. Yes my dog & cat are enjoying it too!

However, our main bathroom developed a leak and had to be gutted so now we are on to another project. I have been amazed that everyone hasn't been as sick as other years. I am wondering if the mold was causing some respiratory problems.

We are slowly getting the time to finish the drywall work. Steve is doing an awesome job. I often ask the kids when they are feeling overwhelmed "How do you eat an elephant?" They know the answer is "One bite at a time." That is how all our home remodeling has to be done as we are busy with LIFE!

Sometimes when I cannot figure out where to put something I dream of another garage sale to clean out somethings that we are not using. But then where would I store things for a garage sale? Such a fun merry -go-round that I ride on!

God always makes a way though! A friend of mine sent an email that Ellis Cancer Hospital was holding a Winter Clean out Garage Sale & they desperately need items to sell for their fundraiser. Wow! Only problem was time.--we had to deliver things by Tuesday. So that set the stage for the first ever Brush Winter Declutter! We got rid of roller blades, helmets, puzzles & some misc. Yeah 50 items GONE! Maybe in February I can do the same thing again. That would be so great! Here is what I packed in the Suburban and drove off today!