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Sewing again!

Kim1 Comment

It has been a really long time since I sewed anything but a friend asked me to make a flower girl dress for her daughter! The wedding is in February and we get really busy in February so my goal was to finish it by the end of January. She gave the fabric & such to me just a week ago & it is DONE!

It was a really easy pattern so that made it go fast. I need to make a sash tomorrow & it will be ready to go. Feels great to accomplish something and have it turn out well.

There weren't any huge mishaps except sewing the bodice on backwards the first time--had to undo that and then redo it! I am hoping that the little girl who wears it has a ball twirling because it is really full. That is what fancy dresses are for after all.

Now maybe I can get my quilting back out but I need to make Michael a pair of pj's first!